The Perfect-Victim Factor of Personality

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1) I have read all of the required reading for this course.

2) The behaviors characterizing the MSBP mother appear on the surface to be beneficial and compassionate.

3) The PV engages in a lifestyle of behavioral patterns that simultaneously support or reinforce their needs to be recognized by others as 'perfect' and as a 'victim'.

4) Aquatic Hypomobility Disorder is real.

5) Forgiveness is an essential part of making personal life changes.

6) We all need other people to help us with the process of making change, to teach us new skills, and to encourage us along the way.

7) Written goals are more than dreams or wishes.

8) The Perfect-Victim Factor helps explain why a cycle of success and hope in an individual's life is frequently followed by catastrophic cycle of failure and defeat.

9) We do have the capacity to unlearn our destructive behavioral patterns by learning to focus on and maximize our personality strengths.

10) Adapting is an essential trait of the successful person.

11) Changing personality dynamics is about setting goals, developing plans and taking action by doing something new.

12) Creating a Treasure Chest is an idea for couples.

13) The Perfect-Victim Factor is comprised of Narcissistic and Avoidant personality traits.

14) Individuals described as a Perfect-Victim have no strengths.

15) SIDS is usually caused by homicide.

16) Personality Disorder can never be impacted since it is a lifelong constant.

17) Goal setting is a tool that can be useful to clients.

18) Triangulation is common with the Perfect-Victim.

19) The Perfect-Victim is never successful.

20) People tend to identify who they are, or their life roles, through their emotions.

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