Ethics 9: HIPAA and Substance Abuse

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1) I have read the required .pdf text file for this course.

2) I have read my corresponding professional association’s Code of Ethics.

3) Confidentiality has been a cornerstone practice for substance abuse treatment programs across the country.

4) If a substance abuse treatment program transmits health information electronically in connection with one or more of these Part 162 transactions, then it must comply with the Privacy Rule.

5) Part 2 protects all information about any person who has applied for or been given diagnosis or treatment for alcohol or drug abuse at a federally assisted program.

6) The “general rules” established by Part 2 and the Privacy Rule regarding uses and disclosures of patient health information are virtually identical in all aspects.

7) The Privacy Rule imposes three additional steps programs must take when disclosing information pursuant to a patient’s written consent.

8) The Privacy Rule changes all the rules the rules in Part 2 regarding minors and consent.

9) The Privacy Rule requires written revocation of an authorization.

10) Both Part 2 and the Privacy Rule allow for communications within programs on a “need to know” basis.

11) Part 2 permits programs to disclose limited information to law enforcement officers.

12) Part 2 does not permit programs to comply with State laws that require the reporting of child abuse and neglect. Neither does HIPAA (the privacy act).

13) The Privacy Rule permits a program to disclose PHI pursuant to a subpoena without a prior written authorization.

14) The Privacy Rule permits a program to disclose, without the patient’s prior authorization, to a public health department that the patient has TB when the health department is authorized to collect such information.

15) The Privacy Rule does not consider accreditation bodies (ie. JCAHO) business associates conducting health care operations on behalf of the covered entity.

16) The Part 2 regulations and the Privacy Rule have different requirements for disclosures of health information to researchers.

17) The Privacy Rule provides patients with no new Federal privacy rights, only enforcing those that already existed.

18) Neither Part 2 nor the Privacy Rule requires programs to obtain written consent from individuals before permitting them to see their own records.

19) The Privacy Rule establishes a process for individuals to file a complaint with the Secretary of HHS if they believe a program violated the Privacy Rule.

20) The Privacy Rule requires programs to maintain reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect the privacy of PHI.

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